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The Philippine-American War
The First Shots of the Philam War

The FilipinosThe Americans


February 4, 1899. 9:43PM

At nine sharp tonight, American camp started hostilities. Our forces answered enemy fire. All in their posts without fear. Await orders.

Wire from Capt. Fernando Grey, in-charge of the Third Zone.

On Saturday, Feb 4, 1899
  • Gen. Artemio Ricarte and Gen. Luciano San Miguel were summoned to Malolos and met with Pres. Aguinaldo in the afternoon. They stayed the night in Malolos, at the house of Tomas Guison.
  • Gen. Mariano Noriel was in Parañaque making prepations for his wedding
  • Gen. Antonio Luna, Director of War, asked permission to visit his family in San Fernando, Pampanga.
In Manila on the 5th, I saw as a prisoner being marched to quarters by the Americans, Señor Escamillo, one of Gen. Aguinaldo's secretaries or interpreters. He has spent the night of the 4th in Manila. He bowed to me as he passed. Had hostilities been commenced by Gen. Aguinaldo, as was alleged by the Americans at the time, is it probable or likely that Escamillo would have laid himself open to arrest by his presence in Manila?

Source :
The Filipino Martyrs

A Story of the Crime of February 4, 1899
by an Eyewitness
Richard Brinsley Sheridan

On Feb 2 and 3, 1899
  • Filipinos employed in different capacities in the American ships were dismissed.
On Feb 4, 1899
  • About 200 to 300 American soldiers boarded two cascos in Manila and were towed in the direction of Cavite. They did not disembark in Cavite, but at nightfall, they were towed back to the Pasig, where they were transferred to the gunboat Laguna de Bay, which brought them to Sta. Ana

About eight oclock, Miller and I were cautiously pacing our district. We came to a fence and were trying to see what the Filipinos were up to.

Suddenly, near at hand, on our left, there was a low but unmistakable Filipino outpost signal whistle. It was immediately answered by a similar whistle about twenty-five yards to the right. Then a red lantern flashed a signal from blockhouse number 7. We had never seen such a sign used before. In a moment, something rose up slowly in front of us. It was a Filipino. I yelled Halt! and made it pretty loud, for I was accustomed to challenging the officer of the guard in approved military style. I challenged him with another loud halt! Then he shouted halto! to me. Well, I thought the best thing to do was to shoot him. He dropped. If I didnt kill him, I guess he died of fright. Two Filipinos sprang out of the gateway about 15 feet from us. I called halt! and Miller fired and dropped one. I saw that another was left. Well, I think I got my second Filipino that time....

Private William W. Grayson


Sources :
MALOLOS: The Crisis of the Republic. Teodoro A Agoncillo
The Filipino Americans (From 1763 to the Present): Their History, Culture, & Traditions.Veltisezar B. Bautista

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