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»Wave the Philippine Flag!

May 28 is National Flag Day! Did you know that we've had five different flags since 1898? Cuban blue, navy blue, light blue, or royal blue?


The word Masskara is coined from two words, "mass" meaning "many or a multitude of the people", and the Spanish word cara meaning "face". The highlight is a parade with street dancers wearing beautifully designed smiling masks and colorful costumes...
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»Philippine Churches

The Philippines is a predominantly Christian nation due mainly to the 300 years of Spanish rule. Thus, there are a lot of beautiful and historical churches like the San Agustin Church as well as the beautiful and peaceful Saint Pio Chapel. Come and visit them.
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»Famous Heroes

Know more about the famous heroes of the Phillippine Revolution of 1896 to 1898. From the national hero Jose Rizal, other martyrs, leadears of the revolution and Katipunan like Andres Bonifacio, famous generals and famous mothers.
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»Unsung Heroes

Meet the unsung heroes of the revolution. The not so famous leaders who served and fought for the country. Find out who Procopio C. Bonifacio is. Or what Jose Rizal's elder brother Paciano Rizal did.
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Featured High School

»VYP MSC Institute of Technology

MSC takes pride in being acknowledged as the best science and technology school in San Pablo City, Laguna. MSC emphasizes out-of-the-box , non-traditional learning, creative thinking, and technical competency learning experiences to bring out the best in every student. The school offers high school and technical-vocation education, with an enriched curriculum featuring exciting new subjects such as Math-plus, Robotics and Memory Techniques.
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Featured Province


Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is located by the mouth of the natural harbor of Manila Bay and is one of Asia’s most vibrant cities. The city was once a Malay settlement known as Maynilad, named after the nilad, a plant that grows in the swamps or sandy beach. Manila was established as a Spanish city in 1571
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Featured Artist

»Christine Reyes

Christine Reyes isn't living in her sister's shadows, contrary to what other people may be saying. Christine was barely 16 when she had a brush with stardom courtesy of the reality-based talent show...
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» The black flag with the skull and cross bones was called "Llanera's skull" by Andres Bonifacio.

» The balcony at the Aguinaldo Shrine used during Independence Day celebrations was added later.

» A Musikong Bumbong (band with bamboo musical instruments) accompanied Mariano Llanera and the rebels of San Isidro when, using only bolos and pointed sticks (and the band), they attacked the Spanish Garrison on September 2, 3 and 4, 1896.

» The Philippine National Anthem played during the declaration of Philippine Independence, as the Marcha Nacional Filipina on June 12, 1898, had no words.

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The Filipino Spirit

» The Philippine National Anthem

Lyrics of the Philippine National Anthem in Filipino (Lupang Hinirang), English (The Philippine Hymn) and Spanish (Filipinas).

» Panatang Makabayan

Panatang Makabayan or the Patriotic Oath is one the two national pledges of the Philippines.

» Pledge of Allegiance

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Philippine Flag or Panunumpa ng Katapatan sa Watawat ng Pilipinas is one of two national pledges.

» Evolution of the Philippine Flag

From the flags of the Katipunan to the current Philippine flag.

» Mga Pangulo ng Pilipinas

The Filipino Presidents or head of states in the history of the Philippines.

Travelling to the Philippines?

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