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Hero of the Philippine Revolution
Melchora Aquino
  • known as Tandang Sora
  • the Mother of Katipunan
  • aided ailing Katipuneros before and during the revolution
  • born January 6, 1812 in Banilad, Caloocan
  • died March 2, 1919

    Not much is known of Melchora Aquino. When the war broke out in 1896, she was already old, hence she was called "Tandang Sora."

    Tandang Sora helped all who approached her for help, giving the soldiers who fled to the forests of Balintawak food, rest and medical help in her little store in Balintawak.

    She was exiled in Marianas. Later she returned to the Philippines under the Americans. She lived poor and died poor.

    Excerpts from Talambuhay ng mga Bayani by Rene Alba
Melchora Aquino (Tandang Sora)

One of our most famous heroine in Philippine history was born in Banilad, Caloocan on January 6, 1812. Melchora Aquino is better known as Tandang Sora, because she was already old when the revolution broke out in 1896. She had very little education, but she had all the qualities of a literate person.

Tandang Sora was tending a small sari-sari store in Balintawak, when Bonifacio and other Katipuneros staged the first Cry of Balintawak that started the revolution. Her store became a refuge for sick and wounded Katipuneros whom the old lady fed, treated and encouraged with her motherly advice and prayers. She was aptly called the "Mother of Katipunan." Soon. the Spaniards learned about her activities, so they arrested her and she was sentenced to be exiled to the Marianas islands.

When the Americans took possession of the Philippines in 1898, Tandang Sora, like other exiles returned to the Philippines, poor and aging. For a time, she lived with her daughter Saturnina.

On March 2, 1919, she died at the age of 107.

        Melchora Aquino, National Bookstore

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