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The Philippine Centennial Celebration

The Road to Freedom

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February 17, 1872 GOMBURZA Martyrdom
In 1872, Fathers Gomez, Burgos and Zamora were executed

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February 15, 1889 La Solidaridad was founded in Spain

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July 3, 1893 Founding of the La Liga Filipina
July 7, 1893 Founding of the Katipunan

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April 12, 1895 The First Cry of Freedom

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March, 1896 The Katipunan Newspaper, the Kalayaan was released.
August 23, 1896 Cry of Pugad Lawin/Cry of Balintawak
Outbreak of the Philippine revolution
September 12, 1896 Execution of the Trece Martires de Cavite
December 30, 1896 Martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal
Dr. Jose Rizal was executed at the Bagumbayan field(Luneta).

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January 4, 1897 Execution of the 12 Bicol Martyrs
January 11, 1897 Execution of the Bagumbayan Martyrs
March 22, 1897 Tejeros Convention
May 3-4, 1897 The Capiz Revolt
November 2, 1897 The Biak-na-Bato Republic was established
December 14, 1897 The Pact of Biak na Bato was signed
December 25, 1897 Departure of Aguinaldo's party for Hongkong.

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February, 1898 The revolution raged on and spread throughout the country.
April 3, 1898 The Cebu Revolt
May 19, 1898 Aguinaldo returned to Manila aboard the American ship McCulloch.
May 24, 1898 Aguinaldo formed a temporary Dictatorial Government.
June 12, 1898 Proclamation of Philippine Independence
Gen Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed Philippine Independence in his residence in Kawit, Cavite
June 23, 1898 Aguinaldo changed Dictatorial Government to a Revolutionary Government.
August 13, 1898 The Mock Battle of Manila. Spanish authorities at Fort Santiago surrendered after less than two hours of fighting. The terms of capitulation and occupation were signed the next days at the San Agustin Church
September, 1898 The Malolos Congress was convened at the Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan.

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January 17, 1899 First raising of the Philippine Flag in Mindanao
January 21, 1899 The Malolos Constitution was promulgated by Aguinaldo.
January 23, 1899 The Philippine Republic was inaugurated in Malolos, Bulacan.
February 4, 1899 The first shots of the Philam War were fired.

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