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Kasaysayan 98
A folio of Historical Paintings
by Zny Laygo.

The Spoliarium
by Juan Luna

The Philippine-American War
Diary of American Intervention

Let us not fool ourselves. The Americans, like the Spaniards, and other European powers, covet this beautiful pearl of the Orient Seas. But we desire it more than them, not only because God gave it to us, but because we have already shed much blood for it.

Source: Mabini and the Philippine Revolution. By Cesar Adib Majul
Apr 21, 1898 US declared war versus Spain.
Aug 13, 1898 Manila capitulated after mock battle.
Aug 14, 1898 Gen Meritt proclaimed occupation of Manila after a mock battle.
Dec 10, 1898 The Treaty of Paris was signed, where Spain ceded the Philippines to the US for $20,000,000.
Dec 21, 1898 McKinley issued his Benevolent Assimilation Proclamation.
Jan, 1899 Senator Bacon proposed resolutions to the US Senate to disclaim exercise of sovereignity over the Philippines
Jan 4, 1899 Gen Otis issues Proclamation of American governance over the Philippines
Jan 5, 1899 Gen Aguinaldo Manifesto reacting to Gen. Otis Proclamation
Jan 23, 1899 Aguinaldo and Otis letters regarding the Malolos Republic
  Aguinaldo's appeal to American people.(p215 turot)
Feb 4, 1899 Start of Philippine-American war.
Mar 23, 1901 Gen Funston captured Pres. Emilio Aguinaldo in Isabela
Jul 4, 1902 President Roosevelt officially declared the Philippine "insurrection" over.
Aug 23, 1907 (Flag Law) US prohibited public display of Philippine flag
Oct 30, 1919 The Flag Law was repealed.
1934 The Philippine Commonwealth finally adopted the English version of the National Anthem.
Mar 24,1934 The Tydings-McDuffie Law or Philippine Independence Law was passed.
Oct 14, 1943 Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo and Gen. Artemio Ricarte raised the flag during Inauguration of "Second Philippine Republic"
Oct 23, 1944 Gen Douglas McArthur returned to the Philippines and raised the Philippine flag side by side with the US flag.
Jul 4, 1946 US recognized Philippine Independence.
Pres. Manuel Roxas raised the Philippine flag in colorful rites at the Luneta.

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