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Hero of the Philippine Revolution
Gregoria de Jesus
From her autobiography

Life with the

When I was about eighteen years old, young men began to call at our house and among them was Andres Bonifacio, who came in company with Ladislao Diwa and my cousin Teodoro Plata, then clerk of court, but none of them talked to me of love, since parents in those days were extremely careful and girls did not want people to know that they already had admirers.

The truth, however, was that Andres Bonifacio had already informed my parents of his intentions and for nearly a year had been trying to win their approval, although I knew nothing about it. Three months more elapsed before I learned that my father was against Bonifacio's suit because he was a freemason, and the freemasons then were considered bad men by our elders because of the teachings of the friars; and precisely by that time I was beginning to like him a little. Six months later I had earnestly fallen in live with him, and my father, though opposed at first, in the end gave his consent because of his love for me and because I told him frankly of our love for each other.

In deference to my parents, we were married in the Catholic Church of Binondo, in March 1893, with Restituto Javier and his wife Benita de Javier as sponsors; but the week following, we were married again in the house of our sponsors on what was then called Oroquieta Street before all the Katipuneros at their request, since they did not recognize as valid our marriage in the Catholic church. I remember that there was even a little dinner attended by, among others, Pio Valenzuela, Santiago Turiano, Ramon Basa, Marina Dizon, Josefa and Trining Rizal, and nearly all the dignitaries of the Katipunan. On the evening of the same day, I was admitted to the Katipunan and assumed the symbolic name of "Lakambini", swearing to obey its rules and fulfill its sacred purposes.


Concealing Katipunan

In those days our situation was extremely perilous, and since the people were already chaffing under bondage, they rose to a man and quickly swelled the ranks of the K.K.K. and every night our house was nearly filled with men who came to listen to the voice of the Motherland, among them Enrique Pacheco with his two sons, Cipriano and Alfonso; Tomas Temigio, and Francisco Carreon, all members of the Supreme Council of the Katipunan, and others who had joined in the first cry of the Katipunan.

Often these people remained until dawn, busy administering the Katipunan oath. Once or twice a month, there was a meeting of the propaganda leaders, and consequently the printing press managed by Emilio Jacinto was busier than ever and he was obliged to keep in those days. It is superfluous to mention what would have been discovered in my custody or of the individuals mentioned in them who were all liberty-loving sons of the Philippines, because many persons had been put to death for much less, for a mere denunciation.

Many times on receiving some warning that the house would be searched by the Veterana police, regardless of the hour, I would immediately gather all the papers, the arms, and the seal, and ordered a quiles and, abandoning my meals, for quite often this happened at noon or eight o'clock at night, I would go driving until midnight along the bay front of Tondo and the streets of Binondo in order to save our countrymen from danger. The thing that grieved me, however, was the fact that whenever I ask some friends, whom I expected to be cooperative, for help, they would refuse and even keep away from me upon knowing that I was carrying dangerous things. News was then transmitted not by telephone but verbally from one man to another, and in this way I knew whenever the danger was over and I could go back home for some rest and peace.


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