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Barasoain Church

Malolos City, Bulacan

Barasoain was originally part of Malolos until its official separation on August 31, 1859. In 1903 it became part of Malolos again. The old church constructed by Rev. Francisco Royo, O.S.A., was destroyed by fire in May, 1884, but rebuilt by Rev. Juan Giron, O.S.A., in 1885. This church was the seat of the Philippine Revolutionary Congress which convened from the middle of September, 1898, to the last week of February, 1898, under the Pedro A. Paterno. Among the important measures passed by the Malolos Congress was the Malolos Constitution drafted chiefly by Felipe G. Calderon..

On the sunny morning of January 23, 1899, the First Philippine Republic was inaugurated amidst colorful ceremonies at the Barasoain Church.

Barasoain church was declared a National Historical Site on August 1, 1973.

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